Vern Stephens


July 13th, 1949

Hazelton, BC

Vernon developed an interest in art during high school. He was involved with the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Art from the time it opened in 1970 and was one of the main instructors throughout the 1970s. While he carved wood, he was arguably best know for his contemporary design work and prints. Along with Earl Muldon and Art Sterritt, Vern was one of the artists who carved the monumental entry doors at UBC's Museum of Anthropology. He worked with these same men on Vancouver's Royal Bank Centre Mural, which can be seen at RBC's main branch on Georgia Street in Vancouver. In 1980, Vern's work was featured in The Legacy: Continuing Traditions in Northwest Coast Art exhibition, which started in Victoria but then toured across Canada and Scotland. He has pieces in the permanent collection of the Royal BC Museum and UBC's Museum of Anthropology.