Kyle Tallio



Vancouver, BC

Kyle, whose traditional name is Skookum Xlhalhh ti Nan, is a fourth generation artist. He has been exposed to traditional Nuxalk culture from an early age, through frequent visits to Bella Coola and by attending cultural gatherings such as potlaches with his grandparents. In 2012, he moved to Terrace to begin mentorship under his father Lyle Mack, and eventually worked with his grandfather Alvin Mack in 2013 on a two week carving program for Ts'ktalclayc (Coming of Age - the third of the four cultural milestones for young boys). In fall of the same year, he attended the Freda Diesing Northwest Coast Art Program, and in 2014 his work was included in the school's graduation exhibit called Northern Exposure, which took place at Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver. In 2014 and again in 2018, Kyle assisted his family members in completing and raising two asqayalh (totem poles) in Nuxalk territory.