Juanita Ens


June 25, 1983

Prince Rupert, BC

After spending five years apprenticing with a Haida mentor from 2006-2011, Juanita took a hiatus from the art market to raise her twins born in 2009. A gifted jeweller, Juanita won a YVR Foundation Award in 2008 that helped her expand her practice into argillite carving. In 2009 she won a YVR Foundation Award again which allowed her to pursue carving wood. In the years since, Juanita has learned a variety of new skills and is embracing new media. A combination of limited access to traditional materials and a passion for colour and exploration lead her to the medium of stained glass. Around since the 7th century, stained glass is an artform itself and a new and innovative medium for Haida artistic expression.