Jordon Seward



Squamish, BC

Jordon Seward has been practicing Northwest Coast art since the age of fifteen, and he apprenticed with master Kwakwaka'wakw artist Simon Dick. He has also carved with Haida artist Reg Davidson. Early on, Jordon joined Beau Dick's Atlakim Dancers, and he then joined Robert Davidson's Rainbow Creek Dancers in 2000. His work was featured on the cover of the 2001 and 2010 Gathering calendars, produced by Garfinkel Publications. In 2007, Jordon and Tsimshian artist Morgan Green began carving The Missing Women’s Memorial Totem in downtown Vancouver, BC. He has also completed several carving demonstrations, ranging from Seattle's Burke Museum to Scotland's Orkney Islands. Jordon's carving style and skills are eclectic, as he has learned the art forms of numerous cultures within British Columbia.