Jerrod Galanin



Sitka, Alaska

Jerrod comes from a family of artists. His brother is Nicholas Galanin and his father is Dave Galanin. He began learning to carve and make jewellery in 1997 with his family. Early in his career he also learned from Tlingit artist Will Burkhart. Like his brother, Jerrod treats much of his jewellery with heat and various finishes to produce colourful silver and copper creations. In 2014, he led a silver engraving workshop at First Light Alaska in Dillingham. In 2016, Jerrod made a 27-foot dugout canoe with artist Steve Brown at the Sitka National Historical Park in Alaska. In 2017, he received a Visiting Researcher Grant Award from the Bill Holm Center in Seattle. In 2018, his work was featured in the Conflicting Heroes: Native Art Biennial in Berlin, Germany. In 2019, Jerrod was featured in the landmark publication Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry by author Alex Dawkins.