h́álúl (Fresh)


For centuries, the city has been a source of creativity for artists. The activity, noise, and diversity present in major urban centres provides endless inspiration, and artists apply this stimulus to their work in various ways. Living in the Lower Mainland has affected the artistic output of young Heiltsuk artists KC Hall and Dean Hunt. KC has been influenced by graffiti from a young age, and Dean works as a DJ and music producer in his spare time. Inner-city aesthetics have motivated both of these innovative artists to view their cultural traditions through an urban lens, and the artwork that they are currently creating is an exciting fusion of styles. Titled álúɫ, which translates from Heiltsuk to fresh, this exhibition features a selection of works by both Dean and KC that demonstrate their uniquely modern takes on an established art form.

I am honoured to be able to continue the work of our ancestors. With each piece that is guided through me, I strive to better understand the language of the material I am working with, as well as our sacred written language of Heiltsuk formline design. Walas Giaxsixa. - Dean Hunt

In the midst of change we hold true to tradition while letting the world know us Heiltsuk think differently. - KC Hall

Please contact the gallery to purchase a piece. Sold pieces will remain at the gallery as a part of the exhibition until August 12th, 2017.