Dean Hunt


August 8, 1977

Vancouver, BC

Dean Hunt is from a family of artists including his father, Bradley Hunt, and his brother, Shawn Hunt. He is from the Eagle Clan. Dean is a talented young artist who creates works in gold, silver, and wood. He was included in Bill Reid Gallery's Continuum: Vision and Creativity on the Northwest Coast exhibition in 2009. In 2011, one of his masks was featured in Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition Shore, Forest, and Beyond: Art from the Audain Collection. In early 2014, another one of Dean's masks was featured in Satellite Gallery's Cindy Sherman Meets Dzunukwa exhibition. In 2017, Lattimer Gallery hosted an exhibition titled Hálúɫ (Fresh) which featured the work of Dean and fellow Heiltsuk artist KC Hall. In 2019, Dean was featured in the landmark publication Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry by Alexander Dawkins.