Gregory Williams


February 11, 1972

New Westminster, BC

Gregory Williams is from the Skedans Clan, and his Haida name is K’aajuu G’aaya, which means “Good Singer." He began creating art in 1984, and was later introduced to carving in 1999. Gregory learned jewellery engraving from established Haida artists Norman Bentley and Jim Edenshaw. In addition, he has received guidance from Guujaaw, Gwaai Edenshaw, Ding Hutchingson, Robert Cross, Nelson Cross, Wayne Wilson, Clarence Mills, Jim Hart, Pat Wesley, Bill Bellis, and Jesse Sarber. Gregory is the older brother of Dion Williams and Ryan Williams. All three brothers specialize in engraved jewellery with inlay work, and Gregory has enjoyed teaching his siblings about Haida design and carving technique. Aside from jewellery, Gregory is also a musician and guitar-maker. He attended the American School Of Luthier in California to study guitar building and master inlaying with Larry Robinson.