Dale Campbell



Prince Rupert, BC

Dale Campbell is part of the Wolf clan, and has been creating work since 1972. It was at this time that acclaimed Tahltan/Tlingit artist Dempsey Bob encouraged Dale to study the art of her people. In 1976, an Eagle design by Dale was selected in competition as the official logo for the Museum of Northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert, BC. In 1982, Dale helped to design and carve a 30-foot totem pole that was raised adjacent to the Museum of Northern BC. She completed this project with Haida artist Alvin Adkins and her brother, Tahltan artist Terrence Campbell. In 1984, Dale completed a silversmithing course at the Vancouver Vocational Institute. In May of 1991, Terrence and Dale carved another pole, which was given to the people of Hong Kong, via Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, in celebration of the country's Festival Canada '91. Dale has taught courses in design to First Nations students at the Prince Rupert campus of the Northwest Community College, and she has also worked on-and-off at the Museum of Northern BC. She is mainly known as a wood carver, but has also produced wonderful button blankets and jewellery.