Cycles: Themes of Renewal in Northwest Coast Jewellery

After 2020’s pandemic made such an event difficult to organize, we are eager to once again give participating artists the opportunity to break from conventional jewellery design with Cycles: Themes of Renewal in Northwest Coast Jewellery. This past year forced humankind to re-evaluate our rituals, routines, and priorities. Some wait still to cycle back to normalcy, while others seek to cycle forwards toward a new way of life. This is what Cycles is all about: finding the future in the past, the past in the future, and the present in between. Expect to see artists use sterling silver, copper, gold, shell, gemstones, and more to creatively depict the salmon life cycle, lunar phases, four seasons, and beyond.

Cycles will open on Saturday, September 18th at 10am and run until Saturday, October 2nd. For 2021, we will not be holding an in-person reception, though pieces will be on display at our 1590 West 2nd Avenue location for the show’s entire duration. They will also be viewable online beginning September 18th.

Please note that our gallery at 1590 West 2nd Avenue will be closed on Thursday, September 30th for Truth and Reconciliation Day (Orange Shirt Day). It will be a day of remembrance to honour the survivors of Canada's Residential School system, and to pay respects to those who did not survive. On this day, we encourage our staff, and all Canadians to wear an Orange Shirt to show support, and to reflect on Canada's history.