Clarence Mills


October 30, 1958

Skidegate, Haida Gwaii

Clarence Mills is part of the Eagle Clan, and he carries Grizzly Bear as his crest. His given name is Gahghin-skuss. Clarence's grandfather, Jimmy Wilson, was Hereditary Chief Skedans, and his great grandfather was Isaac Hans. At the age of 18, Clarence was influenced by his uncle, Doug Wilson, an established Haida artist and author. He learned argillite and wood carving techniques under Doug Wilson, and then studied Haida formline design for the next five years. Clarence creates many pieces on commission. One of his biggest projects involved creating a large pole for Christian Faure, chief architect of the Louvre. This pole now stands at the President's Palace in Paris. Over the past twenty years, Clarence has dedicated himself to becoming proficient in a wide variety of media, including silkscreen printmaking, glass, and ivory. He was based on Vancouver's famous Granville Island, close to Lattimer Gallery, for many years.