Chester Patrick


March 11, 1958 (d. 2008)

Hazelton, BC

Chester Patrick was part of the Frog clan. He worked in a variety of media including cedar, birch, alder, boxwood, and watercolor board. His art forms included original paintings (contemporary and traditional), pastel, pencil, sponge, tattoo designs, original wood bowls, masks, panels, rattles, and paddles. Chester had always been drawn to the art of his people, and he was trained as a dancer with K'san Performing Arts in his youth. He became a principle Gitksan dancer at the incredibly young age of 16. Chester was instructed by Water Harris, Ken Mowatt, Earl Muldon, Art Serritt, and Vernon Stephens. He completed his studies at Gitanmaax, School of Northwest Coast Arts at K'san in 1980, and was featured in various exhibitions, including Topographies at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1997. In 2007, Chester received a British Columbia Creative Achievement Award for his innovative contributions to the Arts in BC. Chester Patrick passed away on November 19, 2008.