Amos Dawson


November 12, 1937 (d. 1985)

Alert Bay, BC

Chief Amos Dawson came from a family of artists, and was a strong figure in his community. Both he and his sister, Alice Rosso, are known for their quintessential Kwakwaka'wakw designs, and their distinctive gold and silver jewellery. Amos cited Mungo Martin, Willie Seaweed, and Charlie James as his inspiration, and studied their work thoroughly. Amos taught wood carving at the Native Friendship Centre in the 1970s, and he also represented Canada at Expo '74 in Spokane, Washington. Amos was featured in the popular exhibition People of the Cedar, which was organized by the Government of Canada and travelled worldwide.

  • Eagle and Killerwhale - Silver Pendant

    Amos Dawson
  • Thunderbird and Killerwhale - Silver Bracelet

    Amos Dawson