New Vintage Prints

By Alex Dawkins
Posted in News, on March 27, 2017

A great deal of the innovation that has taken place in Northwest Coast design can be traced back to experimentation in printmaking. The First Nations print market is young, as artists only really began to create silkscreen prints and lithographs on a regular basis beginning in the 1970s. This affordable and accessible medium enabled artists to easily produce representations of family crest symbols, but it also prompted artists to play with an aesthetic system that had long been tied to specific objects. In creating designs that stood alone, free from the spatial obligation of having to decorate bentwood boxes or drums or dance screens, artists began to produce unconventional works that reflected their unique personalities and distinct cultures. 

Lattimer Gallery is pleased to present a new collection of vintage prints, which can be viewed in its entirety on our print website, Native Art Prints ( This rare collection includes several prints produced by Gitxsan artists such as Ron Sebastian, Walter Harris, and Vern Stephens during their time at the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Art in the late 1970s. We also have several small prints that Musqueam artist Susan Point released in 1986, a number of distinctively Nuu-chah-nulth silkscreens by Frank Charlie, and four monumental pieces by progressive Gitxsan artist Ken Mowatt. It is becoming increasingly rare to find prints of this quality and age. Native Art Prints specializes in vintage prints from the 1970s and 1980s, and we are always adding new items.