Lattimer Gallery at Museum of Vancouver

By Alex Dawkins
Posted in News, on April 07, 2018

We are proud to announce that Lattimer Gallery is opening its third location. Two years ago we opened a second gallery at Vancouver International Airport, and we have been in talks with the Museum of Vancouver over the past year about operating their gift shop. In 1975, Leona Lattimer became manager of the MOV gift shop and made many connections in the Northwest Coast Native art market. She opened her own store in 1986, for the World Exposition, but Lattimer Gallery has always been a champion of the MOV’s programming and cultural contributions to the city. Now, in a twist of fate, we have the opportunity to partner with the MOV once again.

Our new gallery is opening in conjunction with the MOV’s much-anticipated First Nations exhibition, Haida Now. Guest curated by Haida Curator, Kwiaahwah Jones, in collaboration with Viviane Gosselin, Co-curator and Director of Collections & Exhibitions at MOV, Haida Now will highlight over 450 of these items that originate from Haida Gwaii. From argillite sculptures to intricate wood carvings, the selection of items for this show is diverse. The exhibition is organized into meaningful groupings of works that highlight the interconnection between art, language, land, spirituality, resilience, and life in the city. Large portraits of the Haida in Haida Gwaii and Vancouver are featured with compelling soundscapes, short films, and interactive displays to offer a vivid sense of the vibrancy of the culture. Haida Now opens March 16, 2018 and runs until June 15, 2019.

The Museum of Vancouver moved into its landmark building, which is located in Vanier Park, in 1968. Since that time, the MOV has acted as a cultural hub for the City of Vancouver. We encourage all of our customers and followers to drop by the MOV, check out Haida Now, say hello to us at our new location, and buy a MOV membership to support this vital institution.