George Littlechild at Lattimer Gallery

By Emma DelliCarpini
Posted in News, on November 10, 2018

Kwagulth Johnny Wears a Plains Cree Headdress
This is a piece about Pan Indianism and First Nations people posing as other tribes

Lattimer Gallery has started to carry the work of well-known Cree painter George Littlechild. Littlechild received a diploma in Art and Design from Red Deer College in 1984 and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1988. His mixed media paintings are usually socially charged and are created in response to political movements and social concerns as a catalyst for conversation and a way to bring attention to things like reconciliation, reclamation and the endemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Littlechild creates socially informed paintings as a way to envision a better world into being through art.


Missing and Murdered Women
In memory of all the women who perish, especially Aboriginal women


He works with a bright color palette and human subjects are the focus of most of his paintings. Littlechild says of his artwork; "It is art that speaks from the heart, the social, and the political."