New Works by Corey Bulpitt

By Emma DelliCarpini
Posted in News, on January 03, 2018

Corey Bulpitt, a prominent Haida artist who has recently participated in the Vancouver Mural Festival and the Lattimer Gallery Annual Charity Bentwood Box Auction, continues to produce innovative and unique works of art that express the richness of Haida tradition and oral history. Corey is a recent recipient of the BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art, and his talents are easily demonstrable in his artwork. As demand for his work continues to rise, we are excited to be displaying two new carved pieces of Corey's at Lattimer Gallery.

Two pieces equal in uniqueness and quality, Nankilslas (He Whose Voice is Obeyed) - a red cedar mask - and Scaana (Killer Whale) - a red cedar panel - showcase the range and depth of Corey's skill in carving, painting, and storytelling.


Nankilslas (He Whose Voice is Obeyed)

This red cedar mask with horsehair and feathers represents Raven in human form as he appeared when he and galaga snaanga (Fungus Man) travelled to ṯsaw gwaayaay to help Haida women obtain their tsaw (genitalia).

When asked for help by the Haida women, Raven attempted to paddle to ṯsaw gwaayaay but was unable to overcome the powerful spiritual barriers that surround the island. He recruited three different crew members but they were all overcome by the power of ṯsaw gwaayaay. Eventually, Raven asked galaga snaanga for help. Wedging him astern, Raven made sure galaga snaanga could not fall out of the canoe when influenced by the power of ṯsaw gwaayaay. In this team effort, they made it ashore and were able to gather some tsaw to take back to the Haida women.

The representation of Raven in this mask bears a close resemblance to the representation of this story on an argillite plate carved by Corey's great-great grandfather, the renowned Haida artist Charles Edenshaw.















Scaana  (Killerwhale)

This red cedar panel displays the same level of craftsmanship with a brighter and more contemporary aesthetic. This half-carved, half-painted panel representing an Orca uses the split in the design to display a dorsal fin with the quintessential curve of the Killerwhale's fin. With bright blue colours, strong formline, and smooth knifing, this piece stands out against any backdrop.

Corey Bulpitt is an artist from the Haida Na7ikun-Raven Clan and holds the name T’aak’eit G’aayaa, meaning “gifted carver.” The great-great-grandson of renowned artists Charles Edenshaaw and Louis Collison, he apprenticed under master carver Christian White and has worked with Dempsey Bob, Joe David, Jim Hart and Beau Dick, among others. Corey is known internationally for his fusion of hip hop culture and Haida traditional style in large-scale spray painted pieces, creating work for the National Gallery of Canada, Facebook Head Office in Seattle, and the Vancouver Mural Festival. Working with media as diverse as wood, argillite, gold, silver, glass, textiles, spray paint, and traditional Kiida (hand-poke) tattooing, Corey has steeped himself in the traditional work of his ancestors, forming a foundation for his distinctive contemporary style.