New Nathan Wilson Pieces

By Alex Dawkins
Posted in News, on April 03, 2016

The first piece that Nathan Wilson ever brought us, back in 2009, was a carved and painted skateboard. At this point in his young career, Nathan was not yet a full-time artist and was struggling to find his artistic voice in the market. His work showed great promise, however, and we encouraged him to show us everything he created. Over the past seven years, Nathan has demonstrated a deep commitment to his art, and has become an authority on Haisla history and aesthetics. Each piece that he produces at this stage in his life is meticulously textured and finished, and undoubtedly represents some of the best work being created within the Northwest Coast market. We are very fortunate to have two new pieces by Nathan.

The first is a large Black Bear mask made from Red Cedar titled Old Bear Chief. The regal nature of this creature is emphasized through the use of abalone inlays and ermine adornments. Ermine represents nobility when it is used on regalia and artwork, and Nathan’s mask definitely exudes power and authority. It measures 16” x 11” x 8 ½” and is available for $3,200.00 CAD.

The second piece that we have by Nathan is a deeply-carved rectangular red cedar panel titled Eagle of the Heavens. In Nathan’s words, this panel “depicts the transformative state of an eagle that has soared above the capabilities of others. In doing so, he has gone beyond the physical world and entered the realm of mythical sky beings.”  It measures 36” x 24” x 2” and is available for $5,000.00 CAD.