Corrine Hunt Wedding Bands

By Peter Lattimer
Posted in News, on May 19, 2015

It's that time of year again, when Lattimer Gallery gears up for the numerous custom wedding band orders that we receive for weddings that take place during the spring and summer. Ordering custom rings through Lattimer Gallery allows you to select a band that is entirely unique and that meets your particular needs. In terms of material, we work with a wide selection of First Nations artists who use everything from copper and platinum to silver and white gold. In terms of design, you can select a conventional crest figure - such as the raven or wolf - or you can request something less traditional. And in terms of shape, you can request your ring to be flat so it sits flush against your finger, or domed so it has a slight curve and creates a comfort fit.

We have facilitated custom ring orders for over 25 years and always have a large number of artists to work with. We recently worked with Kwakwaka'wakw/Tlingit artist Corrine Hunt on a pair of white gold wedding bands. Both customers loved Corrine's work, but one partner wanted a figurative symbol while the other partner wanted a more modern design. They decided Eagle was the most appropriate symbol for them, so one partner ordered a standard band and the other requested Corrine create a ring with a scalloped edge. The result was fantastic.

Wedding band orders from most artists take between 4-6 weeks. Lattimer Gallery requires a deposit of 50% of the estimated total to get orders started, but we have an open exchange policy and flexible return policy. If our customers are not 100% satisfied with their orders after they come in, we simply refund all deposits. Custom Northwest Coast Native wedding rings are the perfect way to represent this part of the world and to own a truly unique band that will last a lifetime. A wide selection of rings and ring styles can be found on our website: