A Mother's Love - 2021 Charity Box

Sharifah Marsden

A Mother's Love - 2021 Charity Box

Sharifah Marsden

4 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Cedar, deer hide, beads, horse hair.

"This story is about when our children were taken away from their mothers, and the hearts of our mothers were broken. She does not know what to do, but she was taught that there is always work to do, and to take care of her family. So she picks up her beads and she begins to sew them together. She is creating items of beauty for her children. So that when they return home they she will have a beautiful gift for them. With each bead she is longing for her babies, putting her love into her work. With each bead is a prayer that they will return home and they will be reunited once again, into her safe and loving arms.

The orange heart represents the babies and children who were stolen from their homes and put into to residential schools, and the ones who did not return home.

The white flower is a strawberry flower, in the center there is a Lemon Chrysoprase stone, which helps to heal broken hearts.

The strawberry represents our heart and our love, it is in all Anishnaabe ceremonies.

This process of beading this image is for healing intergenerational trauma, and a way to focus on the love we have for our babies and our children always."

- Sharifah Marsden

This piece is part of our annual Charity Bentwood Boxes auction ending December 4th.

To place a bid, you can call us at 604-732-4556, or you can reach us by email at info@lattimergallery.com

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