Shifting Shape

Pieces will be available for sale online Saturday, September 24th at 10am. Please contact the gallery to reserve a piece. Sold pieces will remain at the gallery as a part of the exhibition until October 8th, 2016.


This fall, we are proud to present Shifting Shape: Jewellery Inspired by Transformation. The presence of transformative imagery within Northwest Coast art has existed for hundreds of years. This fusion of figurative animal elements is both visually evocative and symbolically potent. The intrigue contained within designs based on transformation is deepened by the fact that the intentions behind these designs are manifold. They can allude to specific legends, they can hold spiritual or shamanistic value, or they can simply reflect the connectivity of all living things. It is common to see human features incorporated into transformation designs as well. The wings of a bird may be depicted as hands, or a human face may be added to the design in place of a standard ovoid. These human elements usually suggest that the primary symbol is in some way supernatural, but they can also speak to the role we play within the larger world.

Shifting Shape: Jewellery Inspired by Transformation will run from September 24th to October 8th, 2016.