Jonasie Faber


October 1, 1944

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Jonasie Faber was born in Greenland, and then moved to Denmark with his family at the age of ten. At fifteen, he spent several years at sea aboard the square rigger Georg Stage, where he eventually became a Deep Sea Navigator at the Danish Naval Academy. Jonasie moved to Canada at age 30, where he established a business importing Greenlandic art. He later realized his own passion for stone carving, and began to develop his art. His work is found in the world-renowned auction houses of Waddington’s and Sotheby’s in New York, London, and Toronto. His work is also found in private collections in Germany, Denmark, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, and the USA, including in the collection of the Royal Danish family. In 1991, Jonasie travelled to Paris, France, through the Greenlandic government in order to initiate the process of having the remains of a historical Greenland church proclaimed to be a UNESCO heritage site. He also took part in UNESCO’s documentary Wonders of the World about Norse history in North America. Jonasie has travelled extensively throughout his life. He currently resides in Princeton, BC.