Marie Oldfield


May 12, 1956

Smithers, BC

Marie Oldfield is part of the Raven clan in her Tsimshian heritage, and part of the Eagle clan in her Haida heritage. She is a weaver, and was taught by many of the elders living in Masset. Marie specializes in the Raven's Tail design. She has been creating cedar bark baskets for many years as well, but Raven's Tail is her true passion. Marie has worked with Haida artist Reg Davidson and Haida weaver Evelyn Vanderhoop. To date, Marie has completed three large Raven's Tail blankets, and is among an elite group of weavers who are reviving the art of large-scale weaving. In recent years, Marie has been creating works that combine Raven's Tail weaving with cedar bark basketry.