Emergence: New Works by Rachel Smith

We started carrying the work of young Kwakwaka'wakw/Wuikinuxwv artist Rachel Smith a few years ago and have had trouble keeping her art in the gallery ever since. Currently a student at the University of British Columbia, pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree with an Indigenous specialization, Rachel has been amassing pieces throughout the winter and spring for this significant exhibition. Rachel's upcoming solo show at Lattimer Gallery is titled Emergence and features an array of works, from small paintings to larger compositions on birchwood panels.

"Over the last two years, the pandemic has restricted many options in our lives to varying degrees. A side effect for me has been a slower pace of life, and a hyper-focus on appreciating the gifts that are available in the world directly around me. Rather than being a silver lining, this is an observation that connection to the natural world is more important now than ever.

With openness and the soft dreamy-eyed gaze of wonderment I ask, what will emerge now and take its vibrant place in the cycle of life? I watch, feel, listen, and fall in love. Drawing on my own experiences, memories, and dreams, these pieces document the love, connection, and the joy that I have found through glimpses of emergence."  -Rachel Smith

This show will run from July 9-23, 2022 and all pieces will be available for purchase both in-person and online. We will be holding an opening reception at Lattimer Gallery on July 9th between 4PM-6PM. All pieces will be live on our website at 10AM PST the morning of July 9th.