Don Yeomans



Prince Rupert, BC

Don Yeomans carves jewellery in gold and silver, and he also produces limited edition prints, poles, and sculptures in wood and glass. He was introduced to Northwest Coast art by late Haida artist Freda Diesing. In 1976, he studied at Langara College in the Fine Arts program. Don then apprenticed under accomplished Haida artist Robert Davidson. His design The Frog People Fleeing from the Black Bear was chosen to be included in the Northwest Coast Indian Artists’ Guild graphic collection. In 1978, he helped Robert Davidson produce four totem poles for the Charles Edenshaw Memorial Longhouse in Masset, BC. In the 1980s, Don completed a two-year apprenticeship with celebrated Gitksan artist Phil Janzé. He learned engraving, chasing, casting, and repoussé techniques during this time. In 2007, Don received a commission to create a 40-foot totem pole at the Vancouver International Airport. In 2008, he carved a 20-foot totem for the McMichael Gallery's permanent collection, which interwove traditional iconography and totemic animals with different modern modes of communication, including a cell phone, laptop, and an MP3 player. Don has become one of the most accomplished Haida artists working today.