Barry Wilson


May 22, 1952

Kitimat, BC

Barry Wilson holds the Killerwhale as his crest figure. He works with a variety of media such as wood, silver, gold, copper, ivory, gemstone, and silkscreen, creating carvings, jewellery, and limited edition prints. Barry first learned carving at age five under the guidance of his grandfather, Haisla Chief and master carver Gordon Robertson. In the late 1950s, Barry and his brother, Haisla artist Derek Wilson, learned carving techniques by finishing off their uncle's, established Haisla carver Henry Robertson, scrap pieces. He continued to work in wood carving poles, masks, bowls, and ladles. Barry then moved on to silkscreening and jewellery-making in 1978. In 1988 and 1989, he was awarded First Place for Original Design Jewellery in the Native Arts and Crafts Show in Vancouver, BC. From 2004 to 2006, Barry helped his uncle oversee the recreation of the 19th century G’psgolox pole that was made for the country of Sweden as part of a repatriation deal between Sweden and Canada. Barry was also featured in the NFB documentary Totem: The Return of the G’psgolox Pole.